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July 6, 2021

Interested in investing in a remote work phone system for your company? You’ve come to the right place. 

The way companies operate is ever changing and evolving. With the shift to remote work becoming more and more popular, organizations are looking for ways to stay connected and to manifest the in-office environment while employees are spread out across the nation and even the globe. Virtual business phone services continue to increase in popularity. There are many non-traditional phone options for remote employees. Let's take a look at their countless benefits. 

Benefits of remote office phone systems

Unified Front

One main benefit of investing in a phone system for your remote workers is increased professionalism. Remote work phones allow for a cohesive presentation of your company regardless of the sparsity of your workforce. When all external communications coming from parties within your company have the same Caller ID, you are sure to elevate customer trust and satisfaction, no matter your industry. 

Internal Communications

Another important aspect of virtual phone systems is their impact on communications from one employee to another and even upper-level management to lower-level employees. Regardless of location, employees will feel invested in your company as though they were in the office without the added costs of an office building, bulky equipment and security hardware.  

Global Connection

Often all a virtual business phone system needs to function is a simple internet connection. This unique functionality gives global organizations the ability to stay connected all over the world. By cutting costs on travel, infrastructure, decor and more, global businesses are choosing remote work phones as their go-to forms of communication.

Increased Mobility

Even when employees choose to leave their at-home work space, they don’t have to lose their connection to the company. By utilizing the mobile apps created for remote office phone systems, employees have the most freedom they’ve ever been able to achieve even during the middle of the work day. With remote work phones, employees can work from a coffee shop, their cars or anywhere else they desire!

Standardized Processes

When your organization makes use of a single, modern business phone system, every party involved thrives. With easy-to-control groups, department call cues, IVR (phone menu) for inbound calls, regulated voicemails, analytics reporting and call recording abilities, the possibilities of phone systems made for remote workers are endless.

Is your company looking for a remote office phone system? Let’s talk.

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