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July 6, 2021

How do I know which UCaaS solution is right for my business?

Before selecting any business operations solution, it is important to do your research. You will need to look into potential providers of that solution, but first, you must identify your organization's needs in detail. Some questions you could ask yourself before selecting a UCaaS solution are: 

1) What UCaaS features meet my organization’s current and future needs?

By defining what your requirements are, you will be able to see which UCaaS features would benefit your business the most. Without knowing too much about any one provider, sit down and write down which features your dream UCaaS solution could provide. To do this, you won’t need any provider-specific knowledge, but you will need to understand general UCaaS capabilities.

2) What level of support will my organization need from the UCaaS provider?

Take an honest look at your business’ internal resources and capabilities. How much support can your IT department provide to employees? Will you need more or less of those responsibilities to be owned by a UCaaS provider? Each UCaaS provider has a different standard of support, response time and line of communication. If something bad happens, would your employees be more comfortable seeking support over phone, email or chat support? Develop a description of your ideal UCaaS support by answering those questions and considering what hours you’d need support, if you’d rather receive support from inside or outside of the U.S., if you’d like generalized support or one point of contact, how much you’d pay for additional support and whether or not you’d want your employees to have access to training!

3) How do we expect to grow, and how could a UCaaS solution assist us?

Most companies don’t want to stay the same forever. In the world of business, change and growth are a must! After evaluating your organization’s one, three or even five year plan, do any UCaaS features become important that weren’t before? Will you add new departments, or call centers? Is there any chance you will return to/add flexibility for remote work/WFH? If your business is looking into updating phone systems in two years, could a specific type of UCaaS solution save you money now and later? If your company plans to expand into multiple locations, many UCaaS solutions can help you effectively manage them! With a future-focused mindset, your company can predict growing pains and eliminate them.

4) What other applications do we use today and how could UCaaS solutions integrate with them?

Many UCaaS solutions play nicely with a number of CRMs, ERPs, CCaaS (call center as a service) solutions and other business applications. Your employees are likely in a rhythm of using many of these applications every day. To avoid making more changes than necessary, brainstorm which applications you’d like to integrate with a new UCaaS solution and which applications you currently use that you could do without. Gathering this information in advance will help you make an informed decision and allow your business to present a unified front from the beginning of the implementation process. 

5) How can Adhesion Tech help my business select the right UCaaS solution?

When you choose Adhesion Tech to help you choose a perfect-for-you UCaaS solution, we will often start by helping you answer the exact questions we just went through. All of the answers will be included in what’s called a BRD (business requirements document). Adhesion’s main role in this process is helping you think through everything you need to make the best decision possible while giving you expert advice. We eliminate the barrier of time-consuming provider research and apply our unbiased knowledge to make your UCaaS dreams come true! 

Ready to select the perfect-for-you UCaaS solution? Block some time on our calendar!

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