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Unified Communication as a Service




Small Business Phone System

A better phone system for your small business.

Professional auto attendant

Voicemail to email delivery

HD video conferencing

Local & toll-free numbers

Choosing a

Unified Communication as a Service

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Nextiva Small Business Phone System


Auto Attendant

Route calls to your team with an intuitive phone menu system. Call management is now easy with multi-line support, call waiting, hold music, and more.

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Video Conferencing

HD video conferencing is an excellent way to connect with your team members when you’re away from the office phone. Get a fast internet connection and you’re all set.

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Call Routing

Direct inbound calls to your team based on set criteria, transfer to other members, and even conference-call anyone using the app.

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Call Forwarding

Protect your personal number by forwarding incoming calls to any desk phone or mobile device. Also forward calls based on business hours or holidays.

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Toll-Free Numbers

Get a toll-free number with Nextiva’s business phone service. Let customers reach you from landlines without extra toll charges.

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Call Transfer

Nextiva’s call transfer feature lets you make a warm transfer (attended) or a blind transfer (unattended). Also available on the app.

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Caller ID

Control what people see when you make outbound calls. Customize caller ID or block it entirely — Nextiva makes it easy for small business owners like you.

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Call Recording

With your cloud-based phone solution, silently record all calls without any hardware. All call recordings are securely stored, so only authorized personnel can access them.

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