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Operations & Process Evaluation

Sometimes organizations are so wrapped up in the “way things are,” they become stagnant. At Adhesion, we specialize in taking a look at the whole scope of your business. By choosing us to document and review your existing business operations, you’ll receive a unique outside perspective.

With an Operations Evaluation, Adhesion Tech is able to identify specific pain points within your processes and brainstorm the best, most efficient solve.

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Step One: Understand
The foundation of Adhesion’s approach to problem solving is conversation. By sitting down with key players in your organization, our team gains valuable understanding into your pain points, needs and wants.

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Step Two: Evaluate
Reviewing and evaluating a current business operation can be tedious and time consuming process. With a foundational understanding of the end goal and the complete perspective of who the impacted parties are, we are able to craft an efficient and documented process.
Sheets of Paper with Pencil
Step Three: Design
Designing and documenting a process takes time. We design visually at first, then we translate the visual design to text for documentation and training purposes. Every good process should have room for change so we make sure to include that in our process as well.

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