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Unified Communication as a Service




Business Phone


Ring Group


Evens out call distribution to employees. This is particularly beneficial to sales and support teams that want to balance workloads.

Gives administrators lots of flexibility about the order in which extensions ring when a call comes in.

Enables teams to handle more call volume.

Supports remote work and work-from-home initiatives because ring groups can make employees more accessible.

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Unified Communication as a Service

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Ring Group


Simultaneous Ring Pattern

When a call comes in, every extension in the group rings, the first person to pick up, answers the call.

Cyclic Ring Pattern

Ring groups that use this pattern have a different extension answer first each time. This means each employee will have an equal chance at being the first one to have their phone ring when a call comes in.

Cyclic Repetitive Ring Pattern

This pattern includes a constant order in which extension rings when a call comes in. The same extension will ring first for every call and if the call is not answered, the second person in the group's phone will ring and so on.

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