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Auto Dialer


Improve agent performance and productivity with rapid presentation of qualified, connected calls.

Ensure timely responses and actively manage agent answering processes to meet business objectives.

Increase revenue with dynamic list management and effective agent utilization.

Support Do Not Call regulations and provide the tools to support compliance efficiently and effectively.

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Unified Communication as a Service

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Auto Dialer


Maximize agent performance and productivity

8x8 Auto Dialer offers a range of options to amplify proactive communications by making how you connect with your customers more effective. Leverage advanced automation with preview, progressive, and predictive dialing modes that improve campaign performance and maximize agent productivity. Empower your sales and support teams to connect with prospects and customers more productively while boosting conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction.

Spend less time dialing, make better connections

8x8 Automated Dialing helps you better utilize agent or sales reps’ time. Simplified list management, quicker identification of failed connections, and more efficient dialing capabilities accelerate outbound campaigns so you can ignite proactive communications.

Automated Dialing software features include:

- Integrated Carrier Call Blocking in the US, and TPS/TCPS DNC list support in the UK to identify numbers on the Do Not Call lists prior to connection

- Patented Answering Machine Detection (AMD) uniquely identifies answering machines without using any analog measurements eliminating false positives

- Automatic line enablement to remove manual call handling requirements for available agents

- Persistent Connection ensures the agent media path is always connected to allow for an immediate and seamless connection to customers during outbound campaigns

- Active real time list management for higher connection rates and increased campaign results

Increase Sales & Improve Productivity

Improve connection rates with intelligent dialing, and accelerate agent productivity by reducing effort spent filtering outbound lists so they can focus on business opportunities.

- Rapid presentation of qualified contacts maximizes agent output of calling to increasing the number of completed connections

- Streamline effort with answering machine detection and best response libraries to expedite the interaction

- Enrich the conversation with contextual information displayed the moment the interaction starts

Easily manage outbound campaigns

8x8 Outbound Dialer offers options to meet the requirements of any business looking to proactively communicate with customers.

- Define the dialing strategy that works best for your overall needs or for specific campaigns with preview, progressive, or predictive dialing capabilities

- Create campaigns based on multitude of properties from your existing records

- Schedule campaigns to run in specific time zones or area codes to avoid out of hours calling

- Utilize controls to configure and automate abandon rates, ring time, and retry attempts to optimize dialing strategies

Tools to support your regulatory compliance

Make use of a range of features to support your automated dialing compliance.

- Protect your business with Carrier Call Blocking to identify and block numbers on the Do Not Call List

- Quickly understand how many answering machines were detected, the number of out of service numbers, and the volume of calls blocked due to TCPA/CCB

- Built in patented Answering Machine Detection (AMD) allows contact centers to confidently utilize Network Level Binary Matching (NLBM) technology. This avoids the false positives that can lead to silent calls and breaching regulations

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