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Unified Communication as a Service




Contact Center


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Handle routine or repetitive customer inquiries easily with self-service options using the latest in conversational AI technology

Easily build or edit any IVR path using a graphical, intuitive drag-and-drop interaction designer

Capture and report on insights using built in reporting and analytics tools specifically designed to analyze the customer journey within 8x8 IVR

Intelligently route calls to the most qualified agent for faster call resolution

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Unified Communication as a Service

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Simplify administrative effort

Build customized interaction workflows with easy to use scripting tools that help reduce time and effort typically spent on making adjustments to self-service experiences.

- Change caller options on the fly, without IT involvement, to stay in line with latest business programs and priorities

- Maintain optimal call processing and avoid high abandon rates due to long wait times

- Scale to support unusual business levels without adding live agents; simply adjust call flows to address business requirements, seasonal fluctuations, etc

Ignite self-service & improve CX

Intelligent IVR software provides new ways to enhance self-service by incorporating AI to transform antiquated or frustrating IVR experiences.

- Reduce wait time with more efficient call handling and processing

- Increase first contact resolution by better subject matter identification and agent correlation through CRM integrations and data dips

- Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows for detailed data capture to enable better system analysis and easier identification of potential customer journey issues

Reduce operational costs with highly efficient IVR self-service

Connect customers directly with an effective self-service option to address their needs without live agent assistance.

- Automate routine inquiries to help limit the need for a live agent to assist with all interactions

- Utilize your most expensive resources for complex, sophisticated tasks

- Reduce costs while achieving service levels as you minimize unnecessary transfers

- Capture rich data within the IVR paths to understand where you may need to make adjustments

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