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Unified Communication as a Service




Contact Center


Payment Processing


Expedite calls and improve security by directing customers to a secure payment interface.

Provide customers peace of mind by allowing them to enter payment information directly.

Automate payment collection within an IVR structure to alleviate live agent involvement.

Payments collected using DTMF/keypad tones to ensure maximum security.

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Unified Communication as a Service

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Payment Processing


Protect business integrity

Ensure customer interface by removing agent from data handling procedures.

- Minimize risk with a single interface for secure payment data entry

- Ensure the payment collection processes meets PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

Simplify the payment collect process

Agent easily directs customers to appropriate payment interface and vendor.

- Reduce handle time associated with payment collection by eliminating the need to interact with multiple people or systems

- Securely collect payment details by offering the customer dial pad entry of credit card information

Reduce wasted time and accelerate payment processes

Agent can offer customer support while removed from actual data process.

Comply with payment card collection regulations

Integration with PCI DSS compliant solutions supports business efforts to meet required regulations.

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