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Unified Communication as a Service




Contact Center


Quality Management


Highlight, save and share moments of interactions using the conversation highlighter.

Drive agent improvement by tagging specific moments in an interaction for agent review.

Capture 100% of interactions for a comprehensive analysis.

Build forms, score interactions, track agent progress and much more.

Choosing a

Unified Communication as a Service

solution isn't easy; Adhesion can help!

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Quality Management


Boost agent training

New and under-performing agents have the opportunity to learn from their top performing peers.

- Expedite time to proficiency for new and under performing agents as they see, hear, and learn from the exemplary work of their peers

- Optimize interaction handle times by seeing the complete interaction journey and quickly spotting efficiency gaps in the interaction handling process

- Focus more time on performance and less on administration by more efficiently searching for, selecting and monitoring interactions

Give your agents the tools for their own success

Enable agents with a better understanding of what it takes to succeed and drive them to be more negated and productive.

- Improve calibration and increase agent retention resulting in consistent performance across multiple coaches, sites, and vendors

- Increase learning and collaboration with a library of exemplary interactions for agents to learn from

- Reduce attrition by empowering agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their role

Cultivate a consistent approach

Reduce risk with a consistent approach to meeting compliance objectives with our integrated quality and speech analytics tools.

- Gain a holistic view of quality with powerful, at-the-ready quality dashboards to see team and individual progress in real time

- Capture 100% of interactions with 8x8 Speech Analytics, identifying issues as they arise, giving leaders increased confidence in quality performance and their ability to satisfy compliance objectives

- Correlate customer survey data with quality data using integrated voice of customer surveys to ensure that the quality process is helping the contact center achieve business goals

Facilitate admin with easy to use tools

Unburden your managers with our simple interface, designed for people with varying levels of technical savvy.

- Empower the management team with an easy-to-use UI making administration simple for people of all levels of technical savvy

- Save time and money by eliminating software, code, or other on premise equipment for quality management and storage that isn’t core to your business

- Quickly prepare quality data for coaching sessions and business reviews using robust quality reporting and dashboards

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