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Unified Communication as a Service




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Speech Analytics


Visualize common topics and drill down to learn and understand in greater detail.

Provide constructive, timely feedback to your team with annotated transcripts of calls.

Run “out-of-the-box” with minimal set-up and onboarding effort.

Quickly identify what’s working and what isn’t, to surface root causes of issues.

Choosing a

Unified Communication as a Service

solution isn't easy; Adhesion can help!

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Speech Analytics


Save time

Quickly identify calls that need attention, rather than wasting cycles listening to random calls.

- Improve CSAT by responding quickly to customer issues

- Rapidly surface opportunities and areas for improvement as well as upsell/cross sell and new product ideas with high level visual identification and ability to drill down to details

- Deliver higher script adherence through targeted coaching, sharing selected examples

Boost morale and performance

Provide your agents with actionable feedback, by giving them concrete examples of how they can improve.

- Boost agent knowledge and efficiency, and reduce frustration, by giving them timely, relevant feedback

- Foster a sense of collaboration, where agents and supervisors work together to fine-tune agents’ responses

- Cultivate a sense of camaraderie and pride by using “best of” calls to train other agents

Fast set up and onboarding

See an immediate return on your investment with out of the box operation.

- Enjoy Rapid time-to-value, avoiding high costs of installation and setup, regardless of company size

- Intuative and easy customization enables every company to tailor to their own needs

- Prebuilt categories and topics mitigates the need for professional services

Drive customer satisfaction

Respond quickly to your customers and close the loop on any unresolved concerns.

- Super-charge quality management by quickly zeroing in on exactly what you need to find

- Quickly identify areas where agents need instruction, and work with them immediately

- Send Conversation Highlights of relevant interactions to agents, with an annotation of how the call could be improved

Choosing a solution isn't easy, that's where Adhesion comes in.

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