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Unified Communication as a Service






Mitel Workforce Optimization


Remove waste from the system by ensuring that you have the right number of agents with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Increase your employee engagement by allowing agents to analyze and evaluate their own customer interactions and watch customer satisfaction and workforce performance soar to new levels.

Empower employees with the tools to measure and manage their performance while giving them a mobile app to check their work schedules, view messages, make shift trades, request vacation, state preferences and add overtime availability.

Efficiently distribute interactions and work across channels through combined skills and schedule-based routing to boost efficiency and service levels while reducing costs associated with undesired overtime and employee turnover.

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Unified Communication as a Service

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Mitel Workforce Optimization



Any organization that engages with customers, clients, partners or suppliers stands to gain from greater insight into the interactions that shape their everyday operations.

Mitel Interaction Recording is a software application that seamlessly captures, organizes, plays and shares voice and screen recordings, helping managers:

- Find ways to improve customer experience

- Optimize internal operations

- Identify and share proven sales techniques

- Meet regulatory compliance


Leverage intelligent monitoring and reporting features for a complete view of customer happiness and agent effectiveness by following the tried and true quality management process:

- Create unique interaction evaluation templates according to different team focuses and topics

- Filter and evaluate customer interactions

- Analyze evaluations

- Visualize results

- Identify coaching opportunities


We all want our agents to be performing at the level of the best agent in our contact centers. Mitel Coaching and Learning trains agents in a targeted way by suggesting courses that would close any gaps in customer service skills that were identified by Mitel Quality Management.

Once agents complete the required training, their knowledge is tested via quizzes and their newly acquired skills are verified in coaching and training sessions.

Coaching sessions are exemplary call scenarios between agents and customers which have been recorded for coaching purposes and can be exchanged among agents so they can strive towards the gold standard.


Every day, companies face a large volume of customer interactions over various channels. Each contact brings to light priceless information about products, business processes, market trends and customer requirements.

Mitel Speech Analytics helps managers sort through this data and spot changes in consumer behavior, allowing them to take the appropriate action to reduce call volumes and increase customer satisfaction.

Using keyword spotting, speech transcription and emotion detection, Mitel Speech Analytics captures the “voice-of-the-customer” to reveal trends and expose areas for improvement.


Giving customers the opportunity to rate their service experience while it’s still fresh in their minds increases the likelihood they’ll return in the future. Initiate phone-based customer surveys immediately after any interaction with your agents to turn your apathetic customers into brand ambassadors.

Mitel Customer Survey is a quick, efficient and inexpensive way to collect valuable information and insight from customers, employees or any other constituents.

The feedback you receive helps your business understand how to increase customer satisfaction, lower customer effort and deliver a better overall customer experience.

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