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Unified Communication as a Service






CMG Software Suite


With CMG Web, users can easily manage how their incoming calls will be routed by assigning rules based on calendar and activity types. Users can also use CMG Web to indicate their preferred mode of communication, and at specific times (i.e. call, chat, video conference).

Using CMG Web, users experience a user-friendly and simple to use collaboration tool for efficient and smooth communication. CMG Web provides a real-time responsive web interface to manage of user collaboration, offering access to corporate directories with presence, click-to-dial and SMS functionality.

Calendar Connection synchronizes the user’s office calendar with CMG, turning calendar bookings into CMG activities, visible for attendants and other system users, affecting the user’s call routing profiles.

With the CMG Web application, users can quickly and easily search the corporate directory and be presented with intuitive matches within a few keystrokes.

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Unified Communication as a Service

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CMG Software Suite



Virtual reception is a set of automated self-services that significantly reduce wait time and attendant workload, increasing at the same time customers’ flexibility and efficiency. It complements the CMG suite by simplifying business integration with automated self-services enhancing the functionality for both company employees and customers.

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