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Unified Communication as a Service




Contact Center


Inbound Contact Center


Connect customers with the right agents and solve their problems the first time—no matter where they are.

Agent management. Optimize agent schedules to minimize downtime and prevent long hold times for customers.

Real-time insights. Improve sales and service with real-time reports, agent monitoring, and in-depth customer surveys.

Choosing a

Unified Communication as a Service

solution isn't easy; Adhesion can help!

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Inbound Contact Center


Speed up service

One routing engine for smoother operations

Optimize productivity and customer experience by handling multiple digital and voice interactions based on individual capacity.

Resolve issues faster with skills-based routing

Connect customers to the best available agent. Set up queues based on agent skill, language, or even specific channels.

Deepen relationships with personalized routing

View recent purchases, VIP status, or the last agent a customer interacted with to identify the best agent for each conversation.

Keep agents engaged and productive

Optimize everyone’s schedule

Plan and manage your inbound call center team’s hours according to traffic volumes, vacations, and training.

Stay on top of service quality

Keep a pulse on performance with screen and voice recording, speech and text analytics, feedback forms, and agent scoring.

See what’s working in real time

With analytics for every interaction, you can track sentiment, identify ambassadors and detractors, view trending topics, and more.

Get instant performance snapshots

Track progress with pre-built reports

Gain insight into average handle time, first contact resolution, queue time, and other important metrics.

Act fast with real-time dashboards

Monitor critical KPIs, agent performance, and customer experience in real time. Send push notifications to key stakeholders during critical events.

Dive deeper with business intelligence

Go beyond standard KPIs with data visualizations and root cause analysis using an easy custom dashboard.

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