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Contact Center AI


Conversational AI for business and customer communications

Add intelligence to any conversation in a customer’s journey, making the customer experience a true competitive advantage by using AI to deliver enhanced and conversational self-serving AI interactions that engage every caller in natural language. Make automation your competitive advantage with a Voice AI representative that has the ability to answer every customer immediately, facilitate a conversation to understand their needs, and execute the appropriate action. Key Contact Center AI capabilities include:

- Voice-enabled self service

- Natural language understanding

- Flexible, easily tailored, compliant solution

- Secure and seamless integration with Vonage Contact Center

- Omni-channel capability

Add self-service options to cut handling times

AI engages callers in natural, conversational language, adds to contact center capacity, delivers enhanced self-service interactions, and empowers virtual assistants to reduce hold times, lower average handling time (AHT), and increase customer satisfaction.

- The virtual assistant handles high-frequency and automatable calls (e.g., delivery-slot changes, meter-reading updates, etc.)

- Contact Center AI analyzes the virtual-assistant conversation for intent, clarity, and recommended response, and—in the event of an escalation—provides the results to a live agent

- AI drives optimum contact-center efficiency by freeing up agents for higher-value inquiries

Connect calls through dynamic routing

IVR trees are powerful, particularly Vonage’s. They can route customers to correctly skilled agents, allowing for the optimization of both agents and resources. Unfortunately, if built badly, IVRs can provide a poor customer experience and create long wait times until agents become available. When the IVR becomes voice driven (using ASR-automated speech recognition), it understands the customer’s problem in their own language and then answers the question.

- Route customer calls to the best available agent with the help of Contact Center AI’s intelligent, dynamic, and personalized data-driven abilities.

- Provide scalable and repeatable benefits to businesses

- Ensures agents are prepared to handle calls based on demand and type

Improve your contact center's productivity

Vonage Contact Center partners closely with Salesforce and Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) to offer real-time speech analytics and recommend knowledge-base articles or next-best actions.

- Reduces AHT, as agents spend up to 25 percent of their call time searching knowledge bases for answers

- Onboards agents faster and reduces churn

- Improves the customer experience by helping agents to focus on conversations—instead of technology—and become more engaged

Make discoveries that boost the customer experience

Conversation Analyzer, our speech analytics tool, generates actionable insights at scale, based on what agents and customers discuss.

- Uses AI to generate targeted insights

- Transcribes calls with machine learning

- Improves agent performance and engagement

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