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Unified Communication as a Service




Contact Center


Contact Center Gamification


Create “breaking news” alerts, drive engagement with cheers, comments, and comparisons.

Propel users towards higher levels, unlock badges to collect a trophy cabinet along the way.

Use interactive, real-time leaderboards to drive interest and competition in everyday activities.

Encourage the right activities with better communication.

Choosing a

Unified Communication as a Service

solution isn't easy; Adhesion can help!

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Contact Center Gamification


Gamification for Salesforce

The Vonage contact center solution combines with Salesforce and gaming techniques to motivate your teams: gamification encourages more activity, better communication, and a sharper eye on the prize.

- Be inspired to hit targets, meet SLAs, and more

- Push your team across individual and collective efforts

- Enable fast adoption and encourage the right Salesforce behaviors by awarding points

- Maintain engagement through leaderboards, badges, and ongoing banter

Driving performance and success

Sometimes, some users don't see CRM tools beyond their use for reporting, which means Salesforce isn't being used to its full potential. Expected improvements don't happen, or projects are abandoned. With gamification, reps and agents are incentivized to fully leverage the CRM, and businesses start to see huge improvements in user adoption.

- Drive an increase in engagement, which in turn creates a measurable improvement in business efficiency.

- Available in two tiers so you can start with Inspire to introduce gamification concepts to your team slowly, or if you’d like to shake things up a bit then jump straight to Achieve!

- Address pervasive organizational challenges, such as creating engagement, providing more transparency into work activities and connecting employees’ actions to business outcomes.

- Apply feedback, measurement, and incentives — the same techniques that game designers use to keep players interested — to transform business operations.

Choosing a solution isn't easy, that's where Adhesion comes in.

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