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Unified Communication as a Service




Contact Center


Intelligent IVR


Use your CRM data to make the personal connection, while callers enjoy flexible IVR menu options based on CRM data and call histories

Allow customers to self-direct by entering an existing case number - helping route them to the right agent, faster

Maximize the customer experience by allowing customers to request a callback, while your CRM routes customer data to the agent making the callback

Customers can intuitively answer questions, connecting them to the right agent - while allowing your teams to handle larger call volumes without additional staff

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Unified Communication as a Service

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Intelligent IVR


Self-direct with dynamic IVR technology

Customers often want to minimize their time on the phone, especially when they know exactly what they need. Whether it's finding out their credit balance, the status of a package, or paying a bill or purchasing a product, with Vonage Contact Center, they won't have to wait in a queue to speak to an agent if they don't have to.

- Connect Vonage Contact Center to your back-end web services, allowing your customers to access the information they want and reducing the number of calls your agents field on recurring requests

- Your team gets an early indication of customer needs to better prepare

- We can even process agentless card payments over the phone with our PCI-DSS compliant solution that communicates directly with your payment gateway to keep your customers’ details safe, and their experience effortless

Zero agent touch

A major petrochemical company uses Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce to simplify its global supply chain to gas stations. Through enabling store managers to record fuel tank readings via intelligent IVR, the organization eliminated the need for any agents to handle this contact. Now managers dial the number, enter the reading and the IVR writes the reading back into their Salesforce instance – with zero agent touch.

- Guide callers through to agents

- Personalize IVR options and messages depending on who is calling

- Offer callbacks, give information and take PCI compliant payments

- Find out what your customers truly think with surveys that feed directly into your CRM

We’ll call you back

Intelligent IVR can also be used to more effectively manage your inbound call traffic.

- Give customers the option to avoid wait times

- Even out the peaks and troughs of call center volume

- Provide agents with complete customer information prior to call-back

Compelling return on investment

Your agents are your most valuable and expensive resource. If you have higher traffic, it makes sense that you need to hire more agents.

- Handle common, simple requests agent-free

- Reduce your costs

- Keep agents available for the complicated, in-depth queries that you rely on them for

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