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Choosing a

Unified Communication as a Service

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Give your agents the tools they’ll love

Your agents are always there for you and your customers. So give them the tools they’ll love.

- There’s room for all customers, no matter their license type or whether their CRM is Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or ServiceNow; or use Vonage APIs for additional third-party integrations

- Simply take the provided Webchat code block and add to your website

- Agents remain within the CRM while engaged with customers over any channel to increase productivity and ensure that the right agents respond to customers as quickly as possible

- All customer context is readily available while your agent deals with the request, saving time and improving your agent’s efficiency

- Your customers can choose their channel provider or leverage the Vonage suite of off-the-shelf options in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow … not to mention APIs for third-party integrations

- Customers can interact with agents and enjoy the same experience, regardless of device, channel, and even channel provider; and Vonage can route all channels alongside voice

Boost efficiency and engagement

Webchat provides an intuitive digital channel to increase agent efficiency and engage more customers quickly.

- Improve your customer experience with Webchat and routing

- Provide your organization with a competitive advantage and enhance contact center productivity and capacity without adding more agents

- Reduce call queues, average handle time, and call volumes

- Give customers choices and potentially faster answers for certain types of queries, such as answering purchase-related questions on the spot or addressing simple queries through chat

- Reduce administration and setup by using one interaction plan to route multiple channels to your agents

- Share a single source for reporting, with agent and contact center performance available for multiple channels—all in one place

Choosing a solution isn't easy, that's where Adhesion comes in.

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