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Within each of our Insight articles we share our thoughts and insights across different business application categories that all relate to digital transformation and business process optimization.


What is digital transformation?

Should you love it? Hate it? Or want to change it? 

Corporate America has a way of creating (and then, overusing) common slang and jargon. The hottest buzzword floating around right now? Digital transformation. In fact, the term digital transformation is not only floating around the corporate world, but has taken it by storm. Many companies claim to specialize in digital transformation, but what does that really mean? 

Here at Adhesion, we aren’t a fan of using popular language for the sake of relevancy or marketing manipulation. We’d never label ourselves as something we can’t clearly define. 

Digital Transformation Defined

As it stands today, the easiest way to define digital transformation is something like: “the transition from traditional analog technology to modern digital technology.”

This definition can be applied to numerous different circumstances and has now become a cop out for putting real, tangible plans of action in place. While Adhesion can’t speak for the rest of the industry, we will gladly let you in on exactly how we drive digital transformation. 

Adhesion’s approach to digital transformation utilizes modern business applications (like customer support, low code development, marketing automation, UCaaS and CRM solutions) to increase efficiency within the organizations that we take on as clients. By keeping the firm foundations that your business is built on, we strictly use digital technology to enhance the processes you already have in place. 

We take steps to understand exactly how your business operates as is and then thoughtfully brainstorm which of our hand-picked solutions could expedite your processes. We do this in hopes of expediting the flow of data within your organization. When your organization welcomes digital solutions, you can notify stakeholders, streamline approval processes and send business critical information without missing a beat. This ultimately results in satisfied employees and improved customer experience.

Our problem with the term “transformation” is that it implies an overwhelming, daunting change. We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but people don’t like change. We wish the creators of digital transformation had thought that through before they named it. 

Digital Transformation Strategy

With the above in mind, we hope you’re starting to see that we aren’t like the rest of the competition. We use “Digital Transformation” because you’re familiar with it, but if we had our way, we’d rename the term “Digital Optimization.”

Adhesion’s digital transformation strategy focuses on taking the incredible operations at work in your organization and elevating them to greater heights with proven digital solutions. We eliminate the barrier of defensive, change-weary employees by encouraging the work they’re already excelling at! They quickly understand that our main goal is simply to make their work lives easier. Who wouldn’t want that? 

By shifting the narrative to positive reinforcement and guided optimization, we help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

If your organization is stuck doing thing after thing “the way you’ve always done it,” it’s time for a change. Contact Adhesion today to take advantage of truly personalized, guided digital transformation.

Adhesion: the tendency of dissimilar particles to cling to one another